Ryan Price FCA

Managing Partner


A Chartered Accountant with over 21 years experience in Finance Systems Consulting and over 29 years’ experience in accounting and finance, including working as Senior Manager of PwC's SME-focussed finance systems consulting team.

Ryan left PwC to set up Business Advisory Solutions as a business information consultancy provider in mid-2010.

Since then he has been involved in numerous projects throughout Ireland and the UK across various industry sectors.

Since starting up Business Advisory Solutions, Ryan has developed his expertise in a number of business information systems relevant to the SME and/or mid-market organisation. Ryan has implemented numerous such systems across various business sectors and continues to work in partnership with his clients as they continue to develop and expand their systems functionality and to enhance their overall business information function.

Ryan has extensive knowledge of Microsoft Excel and has been involved in a number of financial modelling projects, both during his time with PWC and also throughout his career at Business Advisory Solutions. He is very aware that many organisations continue to use Excel as their primary tool for management information, and while this is a useful tool, it can be prone to user error and can require significant effort to extract, manipulate and present the information required.

Ryan has a passion for assisting organisations to utilise information systems technology better and, where appropriate, assisting them to obtain the same information through the utilisation of their Finance and Business Information systems.

Ryan has a passion for helping organisations in their business development journey, and sees his relationship with his clients as a long term support partnership.