Once a new system has been implemented, or new staff members join your organisation, users will require training in how to use the system. Common issues that arise are;

  • users left to learn by themselves from a manual
  • users trained in the basics of a system by other users
  • only certain aspects of a system are ever covered in a training session
  • the business has to still remain in operation while training is undertaken.

Training in how to best use a Business Information system shouldn’t be an afterthought! It should be the transfer of skills and knowledge on the best practice use of a software product, to ensure that the maximum benefit is derived from using the system.

As a result, our team at Business Advisory Solutions;

  • tailor all training specifically to our client’s needs 
  • deliver both accounting and business process training and coaching
  • design training around both your business information system and best practice
  • provide training for both new systems or to further understanding of existing systems.

We aim to help your staff to operate the system in a best practice manner, to achieve optimal use of the system, therefore producing accurate and timely information.

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