Many organisations find themselves in a position of needing some form of business information system or a replacement for their current system. Often at this point, organisations end up conflicted as to which system to choose. Common symptoms of this problem are;

  • stakeholders with differing needs
  • not sure of what type of information system the organisation requires
  • too many options being ‘sold’ to management without a real understanding of what is being offered

This can lead to complete uncertainty of which system will meet all the needs of the organisation.

A Business Information Systems Requirements document  lists the business needs, software functionality and reporting outputs that an organisation requires a system to be able to deliver.

At Business Advisory Solutions we work with you to prepare the software requirements specifications documents by;

  • understanding your business needs and,
  • collaborating with you to develop a specification document to meet your current and future needs
  • providing advice to understand the potential software options available
  • providing an understanding of the potential functionality that could be utilised from a system

Essentially we prepare a two-way insurance document to outlines the foundations for the development path of the new system.

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