Working in partnership with our clients to achieve their business information goals….

Business Advisory Solutions are a team of expert consultants who work in partnership with organisations to help them with their business reporting and information system challenges.  We offer a service which is tailored to the specific needs of each organisation, delivering high quality and genuine value.

We are passionate about partnering with our clients to establish truly valuable and successful information systems which deliver sustainable value to their organisations over the long term.

The range of services that we offer across a range of business types and industry sectors include;

  • the delivery of advice on information systems strategy, 
  • review of current business systems and processes,
  • business systems optimisation,
  • preparing business system requirements specifications,
  • assistance in purchasing systems,
  • assistance with implementing systems,
  • spreadsheet modelling and finance function support,
  • coaching/mentoring in systems and 
  • ongoing user support in relation to business information systems. 

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What is a Business Information Systems Strategy?

It is a plan of how software, staff and other resources will be used to record and report on business information and data. 

  • Are your systems and data disorganised and chaotic?
  • Do your systems completely help or partly hinder your organisation?
  • Are you drowning in spreadsheets?

Do any of these problems sound familiar?

At Business Advisory Solutions we can assist you in developing an Information Systems Strategy. 

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What is a Business Information Systems Review?

It is an assessment of your current software, business processes, people and data; together with our recommendations on potential improvements.

  • Do you use lots of different software products?
  • Do you think you could save money by using technology more efficiently?
  • Is your reporting incomplete and/or is it out of date by the time you receive it?

At Business Advisory Solutions, we regularly review our clients Business Information Systems environments; and give recommendations on how that environment can be improved and optimised.

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What is Business Information Systems Optimisation?

Optimisation is the action of delivering the maximum possible value from software, people, business process and data resources.

This is achieved by ensuring that each of these elements are aligned, used effectively and that all available functionality is used to its utmost.

  • Do you feel you are only using part of your software functionality?
  • Do you think you have lots of systems but not enough useful information?
  • Do you think your people and your systems are working at cross-purposes?

If any of these sound familiar, Business Advisory Solutions can help you optimise your business information systems environment.

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What are Business Information Systems Requirements?

These are the business needs, software functionality and reporting outputs that a Business Information Systems environment must be able to deliver.

    • Does your current information systems environment meet all your needs?
    • Have you ever documented your business information system requirements?
    • If you are considering purchasing new or additional software:

      • how can you test that it will meet all your needs?
      • how can you compare and contrast between different options?

At Business Advisory Solutions we have many years experience in helping clients to document their business information systems requirements.

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What is Business Information Systems Selection?

It is assistance in identifying the software solution which most closely fulfils your requirements.

If you are wanting to purchase new software, it is good practice to consider a number of different software solutions.

  • Do you have the systems experience and time to be able to differentiate between proposed solutions?
  • Are you sure the systems being considered will meet your requirements?
  • Is each software product going to be demonstrated and will each demonstration be comparable?

At Business Advisory Solutions we can assist you in selecting a software solution which most closely fulfils your requirements.

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What is a Business Information Systems Implementation?

It is the process of bringing a software product into use and integrating it into the daily activities of the business.

  • Do you have sufficient systems implementation experience to be able to lead and manage a full implementation project?
  • Are all relevant staff ‘bought into’ the change involved in implementing a new system?
  • Do you have enough resources to manage ‘business-as-usual’ AND the implementation project?

Implementing a new system is not simply the ‘turning on’ of a new software product. It is only when the software product is fully embedded into the daily operations of the business that it can deliver real value.

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What is Business Information Systems Training?

It is the transfer, to your staff, of skills and knowledge in how to use a software product to deliver the information requirements of the organisation.

It is not just instruction on which buttons to press!

  • Do your staff feel confident that they are fully exploiting all software features?
  • How are new staff trained in the use of your systems?
  • Have you lots of manual workarounds outside your systems? Is this because your staff need more training?

Business Advisory Solutions can provide tailored and effective training to enable you to get the best out of your systems.

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What is Business Information Systems Support?

Support is the provision of assistance to keep your business systems environment operational.

Support is not just fixing software problems, but also includes answering client queries and providing relevant advice.

  • Do your staff have a source of support that they can turn to when they encounter problems?
  • Does your existing support just provide IT instructions, or does it deliver business solutions?

Business Advisory Solutions can offer support as a follow on to our other service areas.

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What is Business Information Systems Reporting?

It is the regular provision of information to support the organisation in its work.

  • Are your current reports lacking in sufficient detail or producing conflicting results?
  • Is your current system not producing the reports at the level of detail that you need?
  • Is it taking too long to produce your management reports?

Business Advisory Solutions can provide impartial help and advice on how to achieve your reporting needs.

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What is Finance Function Outsourcing?

It is the delegation of an organisation’s financial record keeping and reporting to an external third party.

In what circumstances might you need this service?

  • Temporary loss of key staff such as Maternity leave or long-term illness.
  • Rapid growth in business without adequately trained resources in place.
  • Requirement for highly experienced finance team but lacking resources for full time appointment.

Business Advisory Solutions has extensive experience in running and managing organisations’ finance departments.

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What is Spreadsheet Modelling?

It is the development of arithmetical scenarios for financial or operational purposes, using computerised spreadsheet software.

In what circumstances might you need this service?

  • To compare and contrast potential future outcomes based on different courses of action.
  • To predict business cash flows and financial results into the future.
  • To evaluate the viability of new projects or areas of business.

Business Advisory Solutions have developed many spreadsheet models for clients to help them understand and evaluate potential future outcomes.

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